A Guided Journey To Embodying 
The Powerhouse You Were Always Meant To Be

Unleash Your Feminine Power,
 Embody Your Confidence 
Shine Your Beauty 

Radiance Course Content

4 Week Intensive Experience

  • ​Carefully Curated Journey, Unlocked Over 4 Immersive Weeks
  • Access to All Recorded Materials. Video modules, PDF & Online Community.
  • ​Membership In An Exclusive Radiance Mighty Network Community with sisters from all over the world
  • ​​Downloadable Implementation Worksheets & Weekly Integration Exercises
Radiance+ is for those ready to radically change their lives with extra support -  Radiance Program + 4 one-on-one Mentorship Calls with Layla.
Delivered over 4 powerful weeks, the Radiance Program with Layla distills the most transformative tools from over 10 years of research into ancient wisdom practices and the cutting-edge science of self-empowerment & feminine leadership.
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WATCH these women who found their power...

There are thousands of women all over the world...

...in many different cultures and traditions, that have been touched by this meaningful work. This is a small window into the lives of a few of these women that have been forever changed. They chose to step outside what they know and what was comfortable. They chose instead to become trailblazing women, courageously paving the way for their sisters to follow. Please take a few minutes to listen to these women's stories of personal transformation. We believe you will be as moved as we are.

4 Core Areas Of Mastery

Over 4 Powerful Weeks

Become the Master of Your Mind
  • Find your core limiting beliefs & rebalance your belief system
  • Navigate your fears, doubts, and insecurities
  • ​Regain your focus
  • Discover how your inner dialogue is guiding your daily decision-making
  • ​Move from Victimhood to Mastery

Harness Your Emotional Potential
  • Boost your self-esteem & self-love
  • Learn what the flow state is and how to access it
  • Create a magnetic field of elegance, grace & presence
  • ​Maintain your presence, no matter what life throws your way
  • ​Be able to consistently release fear & tension from your body

Activate & Embody Your Sexual Power
  • Awaken your sensuality to boost your creativity, inspiration, and well-being
  • ​Feel good in your skin
  • Rediscover your body’s biology, and how to make it work for you
  • Reconnect with the source of all power: Your pleasure!
  • ​Learn to harness the true wisdom of your menstrual cycle

Connect With Your Highest Potential
  • Learn how to create alignment to channel your unique gift
  • ​Discover how to live your life ‘on purpose'
  • ​Reconnect with the Sacred & the Magic of life
  • ​Learn Feminine Leadership Skills 


Hey gorgeous. 
I'm Layla.

Mentor, Somatic & Embodiment Expert, & Super Advocate of Feminine Leadership

Over the last 10 years, my passion for personal transformation has taken me all over the world studying, mastering, and distilling the most potent tools and techniques for self-empowerment.

From Tantra to Taoism, Meditation, Breathwork, Somatic Therapy, NLP, & Ancient Wisdom; I’ve dedicated my life to the work of helping women reclaim their radiance by activating their Feminine Power.

The Radiance Program is the culmination of all of these years of study & experience packaged into an easy-to-follow system designed to set you up for success!

Tap into your true potential.

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Radiance+ consists of the Radiance Program + 1 month mentorship one-on-one sessions with Layla.



Words of Confidence

"Layla has developed a beautiful way of bringing together the best of both worlds. Her depth of understanding of the physiological and scientific side of things to bringing in ancient wisdom through the Taoist lineage - combined with a deeply enriching emotional connection to this material from having lived this wisdom for so many years. This is the very thing that takes her transmission from being informative to being deeply, genuinely transformative.
Reggie River Bear
Luminary Artist and Ceremonialist
"Radiance provides all the ingredients necessary to ignite our remembrance. The wisdom principles to feed our intellect, the practices to embody that wisdom, and the container to feel safe, heard, seen, and loved. Radiance is like the sacred fire."
Oumayma Rose, USA

"I just finished your courses, I couldn’t stop watching and doing the exercises and I will keep doing and integrating them. And I needed to cry, as I am so touched and so incredibly Happy that I feel My Power and My Energy and I AM finally proud and happy with my feminine body!"
Victoria Mannel, Germany
"Completing 'Reclaim Radiance' and 'Younique' is just the beginning of so much to come. Thank you Layla for sharing so much of your life's experience with me and holding a mirror to dare me to see how I can live, lead, and serve with greater consciousness."
Farzana Khubchandani, Kenya
"This experience was true and unique. My desire to connect with my feminine led me to her and I’m very thankful for that."
Belen Lopez
"From Day 1, I was blown away by Layla's presence and her commitment through the movement of the program."
Ashley Twynam
“I got inspired and encouraged to take action because of the sisterhood.”
Maureen Aveling
"It was such a relief to find Layla. She is the first woman that I met that embodied so deeply and so authentically what I've been yearning for all my life"
Emilie Sickinghe, Belgium
Women Empowerment Coach
"She has opened so many doors for me, and ignited this power, that I didn’t even know I had. She has taken my awareness on whole another level that I wouldn’t have achieved all by myself:”
Tania Pownall, Australia

Growth Requires Moving Beyond What We Think is Possible.

Make Radiance the next step on your journey:

Radiance+ is for those ready to radically change their lives with extra support - Radiance Program + 4 one-on-one Mentorship Calls with Layla.



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